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We offer cutting edge, easy to use directional signage software solutions to the hotel and conference industry in Australia. Contact us for more information or a quote to upgrade your directional signage, or for a new sign board installation at your venue.

How our digital sign board software can help you …

The Aeris Concierge Cloud directional signage software interface is simple to use, even for beginners. It makes changing sign boards easy. This leaves staff with more time to deal with the busy schedule of hosting guests and delegates. We have created hotel signage software that’s not only easy to use, but it also provides great functionality that is completely flexible.

Being a cloud based signage software solution, users are able to update, add and edit events easily. They can even schedule promotional content online from any computer or device with an Internet connection. Unlimited users can be added with a secure username and password giving access to multiple members of your team.

Cloud-Based Signage Software Equals Convenience

The flexibility of cloud based directional signage software means you can add as many meeting rooms and foyer screens as your budget allows. Being cloud based you only pay for each screen so there is no need for servers or software to be installed on local PC’s. This provides the opportunity for a staged roll-out to meet your requirements.

For more information on our concierge signage software, contact us today. We also supply screens and kiosks as required by our valued clients.

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Select from our digital directory board subscription combinations.

Digital Directory Board Software Packages

1-year Foyer Subscription $280

  • Upgrade to 3-year Foyer subscription for $760
  • 1 year or 3 years include basic helpdesk support
  • Set-up unlimited users
  • List events
  • Display promotional content

1-year Room Subscription $210

  • Upgrade to 3-year Room subscription for $575
  • 1 year or 3 years includes basic helpdesk support
  • Set-up unlimited users
  • Display event details
  • Display promotional content

Here is what it can do for you

Key Features


It is easy to change the content of your concierge foyer signage from any device with an internet connection


Our directional signage software lets you create your own layout to match your brand personality


Lift the look of your hotel foyer and conference area with dynamic signage

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All the answers to your questions

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Q.Can we playback video content for the promotions?

A.Yes, Aeris Concierge Cloud support both still images and video files for both the foyer and room screens.

Q.How do I access Aeris Concierge Cloud?

A.Being cloud based means you can access Aeris Concierge Cloud from any computer with an Internet connection via your secure user name and password.

Q.Can we upgrade our existing hardware?

A.epending on the hardware you already have install it’s possible this can be used.

Q.How far ahead can I schedule events for?

A.Aeris Concierge Cloud has an open calendar where you can schedule events as far ahead as needed.

Q.Can I schedule events for rooms that don’t have screens?

A.You can add as many rooms as you wish and schedule events on them. Foyer screens will show the events on these rooms with directional signage to them.

Q.Do I lose any data on screens if the internet connection is temporarily lost?

A.As all Foyer and Room screen computers have local disk storage, all scheduled events and promotions will be displayed as scheduled. Updates will happen when the internet connection is restored.

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